Ребус 2024

The work of the program directorate of the REBUS forum has been launched. The theme for 2024 is agglomerations development and management.

The topic of agglomerations in Russia is becoming more and more relevant. Agglomerations are large urban areas that unite several cities and towns. They play an important role in the economic development of the country, as they are centers of industry, science, culture and education. However, agglomeration management requires a special approach and the development of effective mechanisms. The REBUS Forum will become a platform for discussing these issues and developing solutions that will help to improve the regulatory framework and mechanisms of agglomeration management, as well as increase the efficiency of interaction between agglomerations.

Agglomeration management in Russia has its own peculiarities, which can be briefly summarized as follows:

  • Legislative framework: There is no special legislation regulating agglomeration management in Russia. However, the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin in December 2023 has already set the task of introducing the concept of "agglomeration" into the legislative field. Accordingly, there are tasks to harmonize this concept with the existing laws and regulations that regulate urban planning, spatial planning and management of municipalities.
  • Diversity of management models: There are various agglomeration management models in Russia, including the creation of agglomeration councils, consolidation of municipal entities into a single municipality, creation of agglomeration projects, etc. It is necessary to study them, identify the most successful practices and form so-called "albums of best solutions"
  • Inter-municipal cooperation: Agglomeration management in Russia is often based on the principles of inter-municipal cooperation. This may include infrastructure sharing, exchange of experience and knowledge, coordination of economic and social activities, etc. It is necessary to create mechanisms that improve such cooperation
  • Problems and challenges of the territories themselves: agglomeration management in Russia faces a number of problems, including uneven development of territories, lack of financial and human resources, competencies, coordination of activities of different levels of government, etc.