Ребус 2024

We asked Olesya Baltusova, Assistant to Raisa RT and Program Director of the REBUS Forum, what emphases will be made in the sessions dedicated to the historical and cultural framework of agglomeration

"At the session devoted to the issues of historical and cultural framework and tourism, we will talk about the status of this layer in the territorial planning scheme, in connection with changes in legislation, about the relationship of the territory's tourism scheme with the use of heritage and investment in it.

We will discuss the cluster approach and options for public-private partnership in the development of territories, in general, investment projects in heritage with the effect of tourism development, Russian successful cases and foreign ones. We are planning a lot of things, all systems are working, as they say. Personally, I dream of an integrated approach to our historical settlements and attractions, taking into account eco-tourism, nature tourism, sports tourism, weekend tourism. As long as we don't have completed and developed database plans available to citizens, there is no such approach."