Ребус 2024

Agglomerations need modern innovative solutions in different areas.

It is important to develop reliable standard projects that would be long-term and inexpensive solutions made of normal materials. Perhaps, in this regard, just aluminum is an interesting new solution. Let's talk about why it can be important for agglomerations:

➖ Lightness and strength: Aluminum is a lightweight yet high-strength material, making it easy to transport and install and allowing for durable structures with minimal weight.

➖ Corrosion resistance: Due to its natural ability to form a protective oxide layer, aluminum is not susceptible to corrosion, which greatly increases its service life even in high humidity or sea salt exposure.

➖ Fully recyclable: Aluminum can be recycled without losing its qualities, making it one of the most environmentally friendly building materials. Recycling requires only about 5% of the energy needed to produce primary aluminum, significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

▶️Эти qualities make aluminum an ideal choice for building not only fencing, transportation infrastructure, and street lighting in modern urban agglomerations, but even aluminum bridge construction. Examples can be seen in the photo

▶️Наш partner, the Aluminum Association, plays an important role in promoting innovative aluminum solutions in Russia by developing solutions and innovative ideas for urban planning and construction using aluminum. This promises to transform urban spaces, making them more sustainable and livable