Ребус 2024

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From June 13 to 15, 2024, Tyumen will become the center of discussion of the future of Russia's architectural heritage, hosting the VII All-Russian Festival "Architectural Heritage". The Neftyanik Palace of Culture will bring together experts, architects, restorers and authorities from all over the country and abroad to discuss the preservation and development of our country's architectural and town-planning heritage.

☑ The large-scale event is organized by the Union of Architects of Russia with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Construction and Housing, the Moscow City Government and other significant organizations.

📎The theme of this year's festival - "Architectural Heritage and Modern City: Balance between the Past and the Future" - is designed to find harmonious solutions for integrating historical heritage into the modern urban environment, while preserving the unique cultural wealth of the peoples of Russia.

☑ The festival will feature unique viewing contests showcasing achievements in the field of architectural heritage preservation:

📎 The "Cultural Heritage of Russian Regions" Watch-Competition is aimed at identifying and stimulating Russian regions to create and develop landscape architecture objects and public spaces.

📎 Watch-Contest "The Best in Domestic Historical and Cultural Tourism" reveals the best tourist routes, projects and initiatives aimed at the development of historical and cultural tourism in Russia.

📎 Watch-Contest "The Best Object of Preservation and Development" presents scientific and design works and realized projects in the field of preservation, restoration and adaptation of cultural heritage objects for modern use.

📎 The "Best Student Work" contest encourages young people to participate in the preservation of architectural heritage by identifying the best student projects.

☑The Best Printed Publication on Architectural Heritage contest is designed to identify and disseminate scientific achievements, popularize knowledge of domestic and world restoration experience, and increase the cultural enlightenment of the population.

☑A rich professional exhibition program awaits the participants and guests of the festival, including:

📎 The exhibition "Creative

works of Russian architects", where unique projects realized in different regions of our country will be presented, demonstrating innovative approaches to the preservation and recreation of architectural heritage.

📎 The exhibition "Innovations in Restoration and Preservation of Architectural Heritage", which will present the latest achievements in the field of restoration technologies and materials, as well as successful practices of research and application of new methods of restoration of historical objects.

📎 The exhibition "Master-plans for the development of historical territories", where experts will share their experience of integrated planning for the development of historical territories, including the restoration of the historical environment, the creation of new public spaces and the integration of modern functions.

Architectural Heritage 2024 Festival in Tyumen will be a significant event for all those involved in the preservation and development of historical heritage. This is a unique opportunity to exchange experience, gain new knowledge and ideas, as well as inspiration for further work.

Festival details and conditions of participation are available on the official website