Ребус 2024

A partner session of the REBUS forum was held at the Russian Construction Week

The panel discussion "How to make cities and agglomerations better. Open Dialogue: State authorities -Developer" was organized jointly by ERZ and the organizing committee of the REBUS forum, and Maria Yashenkova, a member of the REBUS organizing committee, acted as co-moderator of the event.

The idea of the session was a discussion between the teams of authorities and developers.

Speakers from the authorities were:

Vladimir Kalinkin, Director of the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation

Sergey Lutchenko, Chief Architect of the Leningrad Region

Sergey Chernomaz, Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Kaliningrad region

Vladimir Sharypov, Head of the city of Ivanovo

For the team of developers "played":

Leonid Kazinets, President of NOZA, General Director of Barkli JSC

Evgeniya Styazhkina, Director of Product Strategy Development Directorate of DOGMA

Vasily Bolshakov, head of the master plan group at Brusnika, Yekaterinburg

and others.

The discussion was organized around the issues relevant for both territories and developers:

1.Strategic planning of cities and agglomerations, general plan, master plan: can, should, want, do developers take part in this work?

2.Infrastructure. What is and should be the responsibility of the city, what should the developer be responsible for, where is the boundary of this responsibility and what is it defined by?

3. "Zoo" of city requirements: do we need general federal rules of the game or are individual architectural, urban planning, planning and any other requirements of cities to developers correct and permissible? Which of these requirements are justified?

4. Development of agglomerations: joint close work of the city with large developers OR open market of developers - which is more profitable, correct and productive?

5. Retention and attraction of residents in cities and agglomerations: what specific practices of cities and developers allow to do this?
The video of the session can be viewed at this link