The online session: Intangible heritage as a resource for the development of the territory, marketing and capitalization

Dmitry Zabirov, Head of the project work of the programs of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO (02:40:55), Yuri Sheredega, spoke in the section where the involvement of cultural objects in economic turnover and intangible heritage as a factor of sustainable development was discussed. – architect, co-founder, managing partner of the Sheredega Consulting design and consulting agency (time code of the speech: 02:44:35), member of the expert councils for a comfortable urban environment and improvement of polar cities under the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, the Tourism Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Alekseevsky - head of the Center for Urban Anthropology KB Strelka (time code performances: 03:05:15), Marya Leontieva – sociologist, specialist in socio-cultural design of historical cities, founder of the Institute of Urban Studies "Tamga", expert of the Department of Sustainable Development of the Institute of Development of the City of Kazan (speech time code: 03:25:00), Rafael Valeev - Professor, Head of the Department of World Heritage of KFU (speech time code: 03:46:53), and entrepreneur Eduard Koltun (time code of the speech: 04:00:55).

The participants of the discussion noted the growing interest in the topic of intangible heritage both from the state and from caring citizens, however, according to experts, work with intangible heritage needs to be streamlined, special forms of fixation and work with this difficult topic should be allocated.