Ребус 2024

This week we announce the topic of the session "Social and Historical and Cultural Potential of Agglomeration Development - Effects and Challenges".

Marya Leontieva, one of the moderators of the section, spoke about the essence and objectives of the session:

"The session is devoted to social and historical-cultural potential in agglomerations, research and preservation tools, mechanisms for its popularization and consideration in territorial development processes. Within the framework of this session it is planned to discuss the historical and cultural framework of agglomeration as one of the tools for managing the preservation of heritage and shaping the content of tourism programs.

The tasks of the session are to determine the main effects of taking into account the social and historical-cultural heritage, to determine the methods of its accounting and identification, to formulate requirements and recommendations for regulatory mechanisms and to organize the necessary interagency interaction.

We invite you to take part in the discussion on:

- the effects of using historical and cultural heritage in the context of agglomeration development (social, economic, marketing, urban planning);

- defining and conceptualizing the concept of "historical and cultural framework of agglomeration" - what is of value in this context, what types of objects, subjects and their relations should be included in the definition of this concept.

- determining the hierarchy of significance of heritage preservation issues and restrictive regulations in different types of territorial development projects;

- issues of organization of collection and monitoring, system analysis of data and management of social and historical-cultural potential of the agglomeration, organization of interdepartmental interaction within the framework of implementation of thematic programs.""