Ребус 2024

500 specialists from all over Russia have already registered for the II International Forum REBUS 2024.

Scheduled for July 10-11, the event is expected to bring together over 3,000 guests and 450 experts from over 15 countries, including participants from the CIS and BRICS+ countries.

The forum is aimed at developing solutions for improving the agglomeration management system and analyzing the best cases in this area. Registered participants are representatives of state and municipal authorities, as well as experts in the field of spatial planning, urbanism, ecology and regional development. Key industry associations, developers and architects are also interested in the event.

The REBUS 2024 program promises an extensive exchange of experience through panel discussions, professional debates and a specialized exhibition. International participation will enrich the forum with the opportunity to analyze different approaches to urban planning. Special attention will be paid to the federal contest "REBUS 2024", which will recognize the best projects in the field of urban planning.