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The first working session within the framework of the forum "REBUS: Economics of construction in the historical center"
March 15
The online session will begin with an introductory speech by Olesya Baltusova, Assistant to the Rais of the Republic of Tatarstan, Program Director of the REBUS Forum: Economics of Construction in the Historical Center. She will talk about the goals and objectives of the forum, which will bring together representatives of the construction and cultural sectors, specialists from regional and municipal government, as well as the best practices for the development of historical cities.
The first block: investments for the development of historical territories.
The session will be devoted to the topic of investments for the development of historical territories. Speakers will discuss issues of supporting projects under targeted programs; prospects for the development of the PPP (public private partnership) mechanism in historical cities (preparation of projects, assessment and risks), involvement of cultural facilities in the economic turnover.

Session moderators:
Elina Zhiganova - Head of the Public-Private Partnership Development Department of the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency.

Egor Dontsov - Director of the Cultural Heritage Sites sector of Spectrum Group of Companies.

Among the speakers:
Andrey Tolmachev - General Director of JSC "Corporation for Development" of the Kaliningrad Region

Konstantin Makarevich - Partner, Head of Infrastructure and PPP Practice of JSC "Better Chance"

Sergey Lutchenko - First Deputy Chairman of the Committee - Chief Architect of the Leningrad Region region

Usta Oktay - project manager of Polistroykapital LLC.
The second BLOCK: Intangible heritage as a resource for the development of the territory, marketing and capitalization.
The speakers of the second session will discuss the issues of intangible heritage. The purpose of the section: to present various points of view on working with intangible heritage, to make a preliminary dive into the topic before the forum, to talk about the implementation of complex projects for the development of historical territories, strategies for implementing master plans, alternative approaches to the topic of identifying and preserving cultural heritage.

Session moderators:
Dmitry Zabirov - head of the project work of the programs of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

Participants in the discussion:
Yuri Sheredega - architect, co-founder, managing partner of the design and consulting agency Sheredega Consulting, member of expert councils on a comfortable urban environment and the improvement of polar cities under the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, the tourism committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, architect with experience in participating in projects for the development of historical territories abroad

Mikhail Alekseevsky - Head of the Center for Urban Anthropology, Strelka Design Bureau, Candidate of Philological Sciences, member of the International Society of Applied Anthropology.

Speakers in the studio:
Olesya Baltusova - assistant to Rais of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Maria Leontyeva - sociologist, specialist in the sociocultural design of historical cities, founder of the Tamga Institute of Urban Studies, expert of the sustainable development department of the Kazan City Development Institute.

Rafael Valeev - professor, head of the world heritage department of KFU.

Eduard Koltun - entrepreneur.
BLOCK 3: Legal Instruments for the development of historical cities.
Participants of the third block of the session will talk about legal instruments for the development of historical cities. The speakers will discuss the architectural features of the development of the historical center: approaches to determining the value of historical environmental development and the practice of regulating construction. Experts will also talk about the identification of historically valuable city-forming objects or valuable objects of the historical and urban environment, how designers work with them in modes and regulations.

Session moderators:
Svetlana Persova - Associate Professor of the Department of Restoration and Reconstruction of Architectural Heritage and Foundations of Architecture, Director of the Center for Architectural and Restoration Studies of KGASU university.

Also, the session will be attended by:
Vladimir Kudryashev – Deputy Minister, Chairman of the Union of Architects of the Republic of Tatarstan

Olesya Baltusova - Assistant to the Rais of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Among the speakers:
Alexey Mikhailov - Deputy Chairman of the Committee for State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments of St. Petersburg.

Eleonora Shevchenko-Full State Councilor of the Russian Federation, Advisor to the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction.

Vladimir Kudryashev - Deputy Minister, Chairman of the Union of Architects of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Dmitry Verkhovsky - Head of the Workshop of Planning and analysis of historical territories of the Institute of the General Plan of Moscow.

Anna Malysheva - State historical and Cultural expertise expert, General Director of SDRE "Simargl" LLC.
The economics of construction in the historical center
Invited to participate:
The forum will become a platform to find answers to what is the economic activity in the historic areas, what are its limitations and opportunities, what is the secret of success of the established development projects, what are the risks and what do modern developers create in the historic center, what methods of design and identity preservation are used by the regions. The main task of the forum is to collect and analyze the best practices and cases in this area both in Russia and in a number of foreign countries. To offer methodological recommendations on the implementation of best practices in the work of the regions and the federal center. Special attention is planned to be paid to building materials that are used in construction on historical territories.
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