Ребус 2024

❗️Organizing committee of the International Forum REBUS announces the start of applications for the unique competition "REBUS 2024"❗️

⏺️ The aim of the contest is to open new perspectives and ideas for agglomerations development.

This is the first contest of this scale and focus in Russia, which includes several nominations:

- Best strategic document for agglomeration development: Search for master plans and other strategic documents that set the direction for the development of urban agglomerations or their separate parts.

- Best Scientific Paper on Agglomeration Development: A nomination to recognize scientific research and papers devoted to the study and analysis of agglomeration development processes.

- Best Training Program on Agglomeration Development: A nomination aimed at highlighting the most innovative and effective educational programs that contribute to the training of specialists in the field of agglomeration development.

📍Oleg Grigoriev, Director of the Institute of Spatial Planning of the Republic of Tatarstan, member of the contest jury: "The development of agglomerations is at the center of strategic tasks of our country's development. It is not just a matter of improving the quality of life in individual cities, but also the key to improving national welfare. In the competition, we aim to identify the most advanced and effective examples of work in this area. By bringing together the knowledge and experience of the best experts, we can form a powerful methodological basis for future projects that will allow us to make our agglomerations more sustainable, comfortable and inclusive for all residents."

⏺️ The competition is open to all applicants, including experienced professionals, young architects, students and researchers. The winners will be announced at the International Forum REBUS, which will be held in Kazan on July 10-11, 2024.

We invite everyone who wants to contribute to the development of the urban environment and the formation of sustainable agglomerations to participate.

⏺️ Submissions will continue until June 17, 2024 via the official website of the forum.

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